Judging Criteria

Participants will be judged by our panel of expert judges on the following criteria:


Vocal ability

Judges will be looking at appropriate vocal choices, register, tone, overall technical approach, vocal stability, clarity, style and delivery of lyrics.



Performers individuality and sense of self.


Performance quality and stage presence

Judges will be looking for individuality, audience engagement and correct use of the microphone. Performers should also be self-engaged with chosen material. Overall presentation and style will also be taken into consideration.


Commercial viability

Radio friendly song with strong melody and lyrics.


The London Song 

Each musician selected to go through to the live shows will be required to write and perform an original song with a connection to London.


Lyrical content and songwriting ability

Uniqueness, originality, creativity, imagination, melody and commercial appeal and overall likability will all be taken into account.


Social media engagement

All musicians who make it through to the live shows are encouraged to actively promote their involvement on social media and will be given a mark out of 10 for their effort which will count towards the final score on the night.


Audience vote 
At each of the live shows, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for their top two acts. This will be used in the case of a tiebreaker.